Parent Governor

Date of appointment:23/06/2017

Length of term: 4 years

Appointed by: Trust

I am a solicitor and a mum of two. I am passionate about quality education and there seemed no better way than as part of the school as a governor. At Whittingham, we found a strong academic focus alongside a warm nurturing environment and one that was keen to foster the children's imaginations. These are all the things that I hope I will be able to support and encourage within the school.

I am a good listener, and I hope, approachable. I will be an advocate for parental concerns and liaise with the school and the Trust.

We have a diverse and culturally rich community which offers so much opportunity for to the children to learn from, this should be encouraged and fostered. Our family has two mums and I will champion the joyful inclusion of LGBTQ+ children, parents and staff within the school.