At Whittingham Primary Academy we are proud to have a Governing Body with a diverse background and where every member is able to contribute to the school with unique skills and experience. We are a Local Advisory Committee. We support and promote the school, and provide challenge to senior staff.

All governors have confirmed that they have no pecuniary interests to declare.

The governing body is going from strength to strength, we are still looking for more Community Governors, and would especially welcome someone who could represent a religious faith.

To contact Whittingham governors, please email

For details of the Trust Board, the Trust’s Scheme of Governance, Governance Charter and Trustee Attendance Records, please click here.

Governor Roles

Safeguarding - Sarah Parsons
Provisions, Standards and Curriculum - Helen Smith
Finance - Stella Olukanmi
SEN and Inclusion - Chris Rayner
Health and Safety and Premises - Chris Miller
Teacher and Family Flourishing - Sarah Parsons
Website, social media and community interaction, and Diversity Champion across the Trust - Maeve Cantwell-Hope

Governor Attendance Over last Academic Year

Whittingham Governor Attendance          
First name Second name Role Sep-16 Mar-17 Jun-17 Nov-17 Jan-18
Sarah Parsons Chair and Parent Meeting cancelled Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Helen Smith Staff  Meeting cancelled Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Christopher Miller Staff  Meeting cancelled Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Maeve Cantwell-Hope Parent Meeting cancelled NR Yes Yes  Yes
Christine Rayner Community Meeting cancelled Apologies sent Yes Yes  Yes
Stella  Olukanmi Community Meeting cancelled NR NR Yes  Yes
NR = not required (not a member of the LAC at this time, or has resigned)